Tourism and Health Plan

This plan is designed for patients who originate from other parts of Colombia, other countries or just for those who want a different experience. The patient will need to plan for a 15 to 21 day stay in Pereira, depending on the procedure to be performed.

What`s included?

Dr Bonilla`s staff will provide advice on choice of airline and / or transportation to Pereira, hotel choices, restaurants and shopping locations, depending on budgetary needs.

Included in the price of the surgical package:

  • Transportation to and from the airport, transportation to all medically necessary appointments and all previously purchased tourist attractions. Additional transportation may be purchased on an `as needed` basis.
  • Procedural health insurance that includes start to finish related medical treatment for one year
  • As part of the some surgical packages, additional items may be included, such as: massages or medically needed clothing items. These items may also be purchased on an as needed basis

Schedule of activities:

Day 1: Arrival in Pereira and transportation to hotel

Day 2: Pre-operative and Pre-anesthetic appointments

Days 3 and 4: Coffee region excursion: base on previously selected tours

Day 5: Surgery and possible 1 day hospitalization

The programming of these days varies by type of procedures to be performed and previously chosen tourist attractions or excursions via e- mail sent to