With aging, exposure to ultraviolet rays, gravity and wrinkles make the skin of the eyelids lose elasticity. This lowers the tone of the skin and fat pads demonstrated through both the upper and lower eyelids. This procedure is intended to remove excess skin and fat bags handle both upper eyelids and the lower to improve the appearance of tired eyes and make them look younger and fresh.

Usually the patient is looking for a more pleasant, less tired look such as excess skin on the upper eyelids and bags that appear especially in the mornings.

It is important to note that surgery does not remove crow's feet. There are other alternatives to this treatment and it is important to discuss with your doctor before surgery.

How long is the surgery?

Takes approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours (4hrs for eyelids surgery) , and is usually performed under local anesthesia , when combined with eyelids and especially men used general anesthesia . Like all surgery, prior assessment / exams are required. Detailed measurements are taken i.e. the position of the eyebrows, a full examination of the eyelids and visual impairment exam is performed.

What to do the day of surgery?

Getting no makeup, Botox has been charged at least 10 days before, nor have tattooed eyebrows or eyelashes, accompanied and follow all your doctor's instructions.

Postoperative Care

Recovery is 3-8 days depending on postoperative inflammation.

  • Ophthalmic drops or ointments should be used only when prescribed by the surgeon.
  • Use sunglasses: Sleeping with cloth blindfold at night and preferably with the head elevated 30 degrees the first three days is recommended.
  • The final results will appear 2-3 months after surgery, when all postoperative edemas have been absorbed
  • Pain is controlled with standard analgesics and usually does not go beyond three days postoperatively.


  • Patient dissatisfaction usually is related to false expectations and that was not previously discussed.
  • Hypertrophic scars, ectropion (eyelid contracture with downward bias).

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