?‍? Radiofrecuencia y Tensamax: beneficios de este tratamiento en Pereira

Hyperthermia has been known for its therapeutic effects on the human body for a long time, mainly indicated for inflammatory processes, generally accompanied by pain. The methods used make it very difficult to obtain a deep, controlled and harmless thermal increase, taking into account that some require the use of “invasive” techniques.

The systems used to produce hyperthermia dating back more than a century are extremely varied. Attempts were made to increase the temperature to a deeper level by external heat sources (conduction), thus creating the serious risk of skin burns.

The hyperthermic application in electro-cosmetics has become a fundamental element of treatment in aesthetic centers around the world since the arrival of the return plate in 1985.

The hyperthermia treatment under the return plate means greater effectiveness in subsequent cosmetic treatments due to its dilatory effect on the pores, allowing greater penetration of the product.

It has been successfully applied in treatments for skin, facial flaccidity, buttock remodeling and stomach. Its firming effect has a remarkable effect on the breasts. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in the reduction of cellulite, in post liposuction treatments , wrinkles, scars, etc.

The TENSAMAX is designed for therapeutic diathermy to produce deep heating without excessive temperature rise over the skin surface and subcutaneous tissue. It can be applied to any part of the human being, it does not produce pain, muscle contraction or unpleasant sensation of any kind.

What is radio frequency?

First of all, it should be clear that the radio frequency method is not to be confused with heat. Heat is the consequence of a movement that causes friction of aqueous molecules that collide with each other causing a calorific effect. It should be taken into account that heat is contraindicated for the eyes, scalp, varicose veins, bruises, etc.

However, the radiofrequency method has no known contraindications or side effects.

Radiofrequency does not generate temperature by friction, temperature is the result of a transformation of energy into cold at a high frequency relative to internal temperature. Each tissue cell acquires part of this energy and transforms it into temperature that goes from the inside to the outside of the body, that is, it is not the electrode that heats the skin.

Tensamax applications

  • Post surgical treatment .
  • Tightening of flaccid areas (facial, neck, abdomen, waist).
  • Lifting buttocks.
  • Cellulite removal.

Benefits of Tensamax

  • Its vasodilator effect activates blood flow in the treated area, nourishing and revitalizing skin cells. The treated skin obtains a radiant and healthy appearance.
  • Increased venous drainage with greater reabsorption of catabolics (metabolic waste product) and decreased edema in areas with inflammatory processes.
  • Increased permeability of the cell membrane, allowing better transfer of metabolites (molecule produced in metabolism) through it.
  • Stimulation of the immune system and reduction of free radicals.
  • The results begin to be noticed from the first session.
  • Post-operative recovery that used to take 2 months with this treatment now only takes 2 weeks.

Treatment duration

The treatment lasts for 6 sessions and each one lasts between 30 and 40 minutes or longer depending on the area to be treated.

Remember how Tensamax works

  1. Deep heating of the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue.
  2. Acceleration of muscle regeneration.
  3. Formation of new collagen to give firmness to the tissue.

And finally, results from the first session, then reduce fat, eliminate cellulite and redefine your curves, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. Tensamax helps you to see yourself as you want or ToonApp AI .

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